Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Job Descriptions: Lobby Monitor

  1. Set up table with black table cloth that is found in our metal shed in the Innovative Rink.
  2. Set out folder for coaches to write in their hours and any other informational flyers per the directors.
  3. Keep things under control in the lobby. Make sure kids are acting appropriately and not running around or excessive noise.
  4. Answer questions about schedule, “What time do I skate?” etc.  Can always consult the directors or board members if asked something that isn’t about the schedule or something you can’t answer.
  5. Directors will let you know if there are any special signups or information that needs to go to parents as they bring their skaters.
  6. When skating is over, put table and supplies away. Look for any items left behind by skaters and put in shed.

Volunteer Job Descriptions: Rink Monitor

  • Ensures skaters are on and off the ice at appropriate times.
  • Skaters cannot be on the ice “early”. We only skate during our paid ice times.
  • Announce “It’s 4:50 so all B4 thru PFS should be on the ice for Power class”. There should be rosters available so you can count kids and make sure everyone is on the ice that is present. The coaches will sometimes say “Hey can you find Sally? I know she’s here and she’s supposed to be in my class.”
  • Assist where you can so coaches can continue with lessons. If a skater falls and needs some attention, the coach will bring over to you to assess/comfort if fell.
  • If a skater is disrupting a class and the coach indicates they would like assistance, this is a good one to involve the directors or a board member so we are able to observe what is going on.
  • Announce time when class is over as coaches are often concentrating and don’t realize what time it is. So if they are working on elements, for example and it’s now time for the show class, just announce it and make certain the coaches hear you.
  • Access the first aid kit in the shed if needed for bandaids, etc.

Volunteer Job Descriptsion: Music Player

The music player is in charge of playing the skater's competition music over the speaker system. The skater often has the music on their phone which is then connected to the speaker system by a dongle. The speaker system also has a CD player if a skater utilizes that. The skater must have on one of the vests (stored in the shed) to indicate they have priority on the ice. Once the skater is set and indicates they are ready, you may start their music. While that skater is working, determine who is next in line, get their music ready and have them get the other vest on so they are ready to go when first skater is finished. During the really busy practice times, it is recommended to take a sheet of paper and pencil to keep track of skating order. Ensure that all skaters get an opportunity and it is rotated fairly. There is also a space heater in the shed that can be utilized as it can be quite cold sitting there for 2 hours. Bring a blanket!

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